ardvaarkIt was an exciting week. We saw a lot of game with the Univ. of Pretoria’s Zoology department. We sighted a rhino cow with calf enjoying a mud wallow, they were joined by a warthog boar, he looked very impressive with his big tusks. A large  giraffe herd gently  walking about and browsing. Two big bulls joined them and they started investigating if the females were ready to mate or not. A much larger bull joined,  and he sent the younger guys packing just his size made a huge difference. size really does matter. A lot of zebra foals are being born and they enjoy themselves especially when it starts raining. The blue wildebeest calves are also  coming of age, they have already started changing their baby colours to match their parents colours. A large herd  of eland enjoy a late afternoon drink at one of our dams. as soon as they noticed us they left the dam in a hurry. A jackal family of 6 pups and their parent gave us a nice sighting as they gently accompanied us on the road. It was a nice sighting because one of the parents is an albino, two of her pups are also albino. We sighted a lot of bush babies and chameleons on our night drive. We set up camera traps we saw lovely pictures and videos of one of the shy species our nocturnal animal. We managed to get aardvark, warthog and porcupines. (V. Soate).

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